Senin, 02 Juni 2014

Glype Themes For Your Glype Proxy

Proxies are very popular. They are websites that play the role of medium for those who cannot access a particular website, for whatever reason. There are numerous people all over the world who are actually blocked from accessing some sites, either because they are at school, at work or for other practical reasons. Proxies get around this censorship, showing people the website they want. Glype proxies are a form of proxy scripts that can bypass the security blocks, in a secure and anonymous way. There is a huge market for this kind of websites and Glype proxy allows webmasters set up their easily their own proxy site.

 Most proxies are plagued by the lack of interesting templates and themes. If you use proxies you know already that that most of the Glype proxy sites are relatively boring and unimaginative. Most of them lack space for advertisements and their placement options are inexistent, or limited. Today though, there are numerous free Glype themes and templates available, since Glype proxies are becoming increasingly more popular. If you are looking for a theme, you need to make sure that it provides some comprehensive space for AdSense. You cannot have a website without AdSense today, since it is a steady and efficient way to get your investment back.

 Most of the free Glype proxy templates are already customised for SEO, making your life easier. They are quite easy to install: in most cases you download a file in .zip format and copy the content at the existing Glype theme folder. The actual installation does not last for more than three minutes, although it is considered to be slightly more complicated than in the .php scripts. When downloading a Glype theme you will also find guides and tutorials on how to monetize and improve the proxy, making the most of your chosen theme. You will find useful details and tips on how to pick a proxy domain name and hosting, how to market and advertise your site and much more.
 Glype Templates are ideal for those who start out in the proxy field; they can ensure that you will start making money within a short period of time. 

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