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How Google Penguin Update Affects SEO

After Google Penguin algorithm update, a lot of websites that once ranked higher for particular keywords are no longer indexed in the top pages of Google's search engine. In fact, some sites were knocked back several hundred pages. Several sites actually took advantage of the update for they moved up in rankings while some sites dropped. The algorithm update is devaluing sites because of over-optimization, spam, and blackhat SEO techniques. Prior to the Penguin update, to rank high was much easier just with the support of anchor text and of some blog networks. But after the update, things are not the same and facts have changed in the SEO world.

 Here are few things that need to be done after the Google Penguin update that can help you get more from your SEO techniques and enhance your site's ranking and visibility.

 On-site SEO

 Some websites have lost it ranks after the Google Penguin update because of poor on-site SEO work. A lot has changed upon the update and many points are more valuable now than before. Google now has changed its ranking algorithm which now targets content relevance. Listed below are among the techniques you can do to cope up with Google Penguin.

 Title and Meta Description

 The title and Meta description must refer to the content of your site and has to be written for the people and not for search engines. They should be optimized correctly and must be in a proper place. Avoid adding lots of keywords in your title and Meta description as well as using multiple pipe signs or commas as it appears like a list of keywords. Though it was done before, Google considers it now as keyword stuffing. Simply make it relevant to your content.

 Optimizing Content

 Optimizing site's content is a vital part of on-site SEO. It should be optimized as best as possible since Google make use of the content to rank your site. Just avoid keyword stuffing and the content should be original. As stated earlier, it has to be written for people yet it has to be structure as best as possible for SEO. Make sure that your site's content is relevant for your readers, not only Google.

 Duplicate Content

 The problem of duplicate content has not changed. If you want your site to be enhanced for SEO in the best way, you have to be cautious with this aspect.

 Internal Linking Structure

 Internal link structure is essential for SEO and for your site visitors. Some said that their internal linking structure sends poor ranking signals to Google and the reason for this is their use of irrelevant anchor text for all their internal links. Also avoid adding too many internal links for each post and use diverse URL's for each link since Google usually ignores duplicate anchor URLs.

 Off-site SEO

 As for the off-site SEO, Google takes a closer look on the links pointing to the site. Here are some of the aspects that have to consider when doing link building:

 Diversify Anchor Text

 Diversify the anchor text on your site for internal linking all the time. If in case, you anchor same text on each site then Google will penalize you for over optimizing.

 Create Unique Backlink Profile

 Try building links from a variety of sources and ensure that it looks more natural. Don't use spam software's or premium blog networks since they are dead. Try building links with comments, social media, bookmarking, press releases, forum posts, web 2.0, guest posts or wikis.

 After all that has been said and done, in case your sites were not blocked by Google, you can still have a full come back from Penguin. You just need to review your site and check what's need to be done. Ensure that your site is deserving of the rankings you once held and you will be able to rule the roost once again.


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