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How To Create A Memorable Blog Name

If you want to set up your blog whether it be for business or personal reasons then, one of the most important components that you need to think about is the name that you will give your blog. So, whats in a name? Well, when it comes to a blog or any form of online presence a name is very important. There are millions of websites and blogs scattered all over the web and one of the key aims of your blog is obviously to get people to read it. Therefore, in a crowded marketplace you need to shout to get yourself heard. Therefore, when it comes to a blog name you need to come up with a title that is memorable, that will stick in peoples minds.

 The name of your blog should be unique to ensure it is not mistaken for someone elses. Many people with personal blogs use their own name or nickname as their title. If youre setting up a blog for your business then it is not recommended that you use a personal name as the person associated with that name may leave the company.

 When coming up with names think about the aims and objectives of your blog and base a memorable name around that. It is also a good idea to relate the name to the content on the blog to ensure there is a consistent theme.

 The following are a few tips that you can use to come up with a memorable title for your blog:
  Choose a name that is not too long or requires too many spaces however, make sure that the title makes sense.
  If your blog is publishing information relating to a specific product or service then include it in the title. For example, if you want to build a blog about camera reviews then, try and fit the camera into the title. This also helps with SEO and ranking your blog.
  Do not pick a title that is either difficult to say or is hard to spell. Remember you want the name to stick in peoples minds therefore, do not make it hard for them.
  Avoid using underscores and hyphens as they reduce the readability of your blog title.
  Avoid using the word blog in the title.

 When you have chosen your name and you are happy with it then the next stage is to register your domain. There are many companies on line that can register your domain. This should cost you no more than $10 for one year. Once you have registered your domain it is yours and no one else can use it for the year it is registered. You just have to re-register it once a year to keep it. 

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